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Gatwick was established as a small partnership in 1995, our founding partners catered to the needs of a small elite group of businessmen providing custom solutions allowing friends of the company to navigate the changing corporate landscape through the treacherous waters of digitalisation and into the 21st century.

In 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic Gatwick Group has established a company in the UK that primarily focuses on remote bank account opening, remote company formation, remote license advisory services and remote legal service provision. Gatwick AG is set up to democratize consulting and allow consumers in all parts of the world to have access to high class private advisory services. Merging the traditional Swiss client-centric approach with the newly formed demands of clients in predominantly digital businesses, Gatwick stands at the center of providing an innovative one-stop-shop solution for today's digital businessmen.

Gatwick AG tackles the challenge of opening remote accounts in banks around Europe and offshore; with our assistance clients are able to enjoy the security of top tier banks without the need for travel, long hour bank visits, and extensive due diligence. Gatwick has partnered with over 60+ forward thinking banking providers around the world that understand high risk businesses, client deposit flows and international KYC standards for foreign companies formed outside the country of the banking provider. Through leveraging our market research capabilities, we are able to match the client with a tailored banking partner according to the clients criteria.

  • Gatwick offers more than 50 banking options and over 60 countries for business entity incorporation, therefore we are not prone to any bias in our recommendations.
  • Gatwick has an average email reply time of under 30 minutes for sales and onboarding related subjects, and is able to offer multilingual support in over 7 different languages.
  • Gatwick, at select banking providers, is able to offer lower transaction fees than advertised on their website’s due to our unique partnerships and volume of clients Gatwick refers to these institutions
  • Gatwick eliminates the need for the client to have to look for multiple providers to achieve their goal of business setup.
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  • Gatwick understands the travel limitations clients have and the desire to open bank accounts remotely, therefore only offers remote account opening options
  • Gatwick is able and willing to assist all types of clients regardless of structure and business activity for bank account opening.
  • Gatwick does not charge clients additional fees and legal hours for a dedicated project and has no hidden fees from its side.
  • Gatwick is a forward thinking organization, therefore offers clients the opportunity to settle invoices through cryptocurrency, as well as multicurrency SWIFT and SEPA payment option
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In a world getting extremely complex by the day, we make achieving your international business goals simple. Consulting is more than KYC, and we aim to help our clients cut through the complexity of offshore structuring, tax optimisation, safe and reliable business setup to be able to achieve their long term goals. Gatwick values long term business over short term profit and aims to find a compromise with each and every client, to set the foundation for a long lasting cooperation. Gatwick is a dominant player in the high risk company consulting business, and the majority of our clients include Crypto, Fintech, Forex, Gambling/payment agent business, as well as payments and money service businesses.

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